Thomas – The Mayor of Little Fenway

Thomas – The Mayor of Little Fenway

When you see a spunky little preschooler walking around the fields of Little Fenway, looking as though he is evaluating it all yet perplexed as to why he is unable to join every game; take a moment of pause and soak up the joy that emanates from this sweet soul.

Let us introduce you to The Mayor of Little Fenway, Thomas.  He loves to greet visitors and neighbors with an eager wave, radiant smile, and infectious giggles.  A neighbor and frequent visitor to the fields, he can be found running the bases, hitting and throwing balls, digging in the mud behind the home plate of Little Wrigley, or tromping through the knee-deep snow in the off-season.  One of his assistants (aka Mom & Dad) is never far from sight, with a Dexcom receiver and MapleRise always on hand.

Thomas was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) at the age of 2 years 4 months when a stomach bug presented diabetic ketoacidosis and a trip to the Emergency Room, followed by a 3-day hospital stay.  His assistants share his story to help save the lives of others, and offer hope to those around them.  After several days of sickness, he awakened his mom early Sunday morning, breathing heavily and signing thirsty.  His skin was ashen grey and his heart rate was 140 (way too high for his activity level). The weekend clinic recognized his distress and promptly sent them to the ER.  Within minutes, the room was filled with personnel who quickly diagnosed T1D, confirmed by a blood glucose reading over 500 and ketones of 7.2, and began treatment.  The recognition of distress and prompt action taken by all of those around Thomas kept him from severe complications.

The weeks and months that have followed this diagnosis have been complex and challenging.  Many frustrations and tears have been shed, by Thomas and his assistants.  They continually adapt to life with a Dexcom, insulin pump, BG readings, and carb counting.  With each day, there is something new to learn from Type 1.

Through it all, Mayor Thomas reminds us to smile, find joy when we can, and smother our loved ones with kisses.  The finest things in life!