Who Are Those Guys? They’re the Wagoneers

Who Are Those Guys? They’re the Wagoneers

One group of high school buddies from Hingham, MA are now spread all over the country with jobs, families and grad school their focus: except for one weekend. On the last weekend in June, they drop everything to play wiffle ball in SLAMDiabetes’ Vermont Summer Classic. And do they come to PLAY!

The Hingham U Wagoneers, or The Wagoneers as they’ll be known this year, arrive via airliner, rental cars and even a team van. Their black/red custom uniforms would make Yves Saint Laurent, or the Under Armour guys proud. The Wagoneers “equipment” wagon is pulled by a player everywhere they go. They say it has tape, extra socks, GoPro cameras, and other “important” stuff in it.

Hingham-U-2The Wagoneers’ energy and spirit are full-on and fun. Captain and and team guru Tom Rogg says they expect to make it to the championship game this year. “We’re going to reach our team goal of $5,000 and we’re going to make it to the finals this year. Last year was amazing just being part of the Vermont Summer Classic, and winning Best Uniform was cool, but we were a bit awestruck by it all. But now we’re veterans, and we’re ready.”

Tom also talked about how it wasn’t just about a “guys weekend,” but how they wanted to also do something special together. “We wanted to stay connected, and to do so while making a difference somehow. To be a part of SLAMDiabetes and everything we’re doing to help people with Type 1 diabetes, it’s really cool. And playing wiffle ball at Little Fenway, oh, it’s just classic.”

The Wagoneers bring a their special brand of fun, big hearts, smiles and good spirit to the Vermont Summer Classic. We can’t wait to see them again in June.

To view The Wagoneers’ own video from last year, click here.