Vegas Oddsmaker Puts Three Teams at 3-1 to Take 1st Tampa Championship

Vegas Oddsmaker Puts Three Teams at 3-1 to Take 1st Tampa Championship

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Vinnie Boombatz issued his first line on the tournament, with the Savage Bulldogs, Sick of Pricks and Gulf Coast Pirates opening as 3-1 favorites to hoist the inaugural championship trophy. Here’s a post of Vinnie’s initial line for all twelve teams:

Fightin’ Fulds: 10-1. “Fuggedhabboudit. Fuld’s too nice a guy. This wiffle ball is serious stuff. Word on the street is his team is stacked and they’ve been training specifically for the tournament, but our insider at the gym tells us it’s all strength, flexibility and agility drills, none of which mean anything in wiffle ball.”

Gulf Coast Pirates: 3-1. “High school baseball team, been playing wiffle ball around the clock. The coach suspended all offseason baseball drills until after the tournament. They mean business. One of my favorites to take the whole thing.”

Hooligans: 7-2. “Beau knows. He knows he’s gonna be in trouble. That Pinellas division is tough, with the Bulldogs and Crushers in there. There’s a lot of power in that division.”

Perfect Pitch: 5-1. “Danny Pion: best manager in wiffle ball. Full stop. French is a veteran pitcher, nasty with that slurve ball he’s got, but Tim Rahaim’s tired; working too hard, he needs a vacation.”

Santas Sugar Crushers: 7-1. “This team’s a big question, all stealth, these guys. Feinberg and Green are core, but they’re keeping a low profile. Reports are they’re practicing, but we don’t have anyone on the insde yet.”

Savage Bulldogs; 3-1. “Unbelievable, these Bulldogs. That kid Summy is tough; she’s assembled a heckuva team. Expect big things, strong finish. They could do it. The line is gonna tighten on this team.”

Sea Critter Swatters: 4-1. “This team’s gonna trend up by the the 13th. Schmidt’s got something brewing there: picking up free agent slugger Ian O’Connell was a clutch move. Look out for this crew.”

Sick of Pricks: 3-1. “Gotta be favored. Manager Eleanor Phelps is assembling a deep roster; so deep former Yankee Josh Phelps may only see DH time. This team’s comin’ in to make a statement, too.”

Tampa Bay Rays: 5-1. “Kinda home field advantage, kinda not, ya know what I’m sayin’? Practicing in a dome may throw ’em off. Egles is working his team hard. They’ll have their own mascot; that could help.”

Tampa Pelicans: 7-2. “Currently training at McDill, under tight security. Doty’s gathering a lot of intel on his division rivals.”

Whiffle Riders: 6-1. “Dolson and Porto-Duarte bring big-time power to the lineup, Scheibelhut and Perotti add some speed on the bases. Currently practicing at the brewery.”

Wiffle Wonders: 7-1. “That guy Weigers is putting together a pretty good lineup, but they’ve been quite. We expect to know more in the coming weeks.”