12th Annual Vermont Summer Classic Tournament Schedule is Out!

12th Annual Vermont Summer Classic Tournament Schedule is Out!

12th Annual Vermont Summer Classic Schedule Released!

(AP-UPI-ABC)-12 APRIL-LITTLE FENWAY-ESSEX VERMONT-The Vermont Summer Classic Tournament Committee toiled and roiled, fiddled and faddled, daddled and doodled, and ultimately rendered the most compelling qualifying schedule in tournament history. With the largest field of teams ever now split into two competition pools, there were opportunities aplenty to schedule must-watch match-ups and competitive rivalries among veteran and new teams.

“This is by far the most fun we’ve had with the schedule,” said Dan Pion, Tournament and Team Coordinator. “We’re excited about the match-ups and look forward to the possible playoff outcomes, especially when the late game results come in Saturday afternoon as teams jostle for spots before the Wild Card Lottery.”

Recent champions O’Farrell’s GOATs and The Gluebags will have to get through a gauntlet of new and proven veteran teams with tough newcomers Mashville Moonshots and the Dell Ave Devils mixed with powerhouses Red, White & Brew and Electric City Heartbreak Kids.

Could this be the year the Dugout Dawgs notch their first victory or will the Plastic Pokers and Novo Nordisk Da Bulls get in their way? Will there be a Hatfield and McCoy thing between Red, White & Brew and breakaway Dunder Wifflin? And locals are talking about the JCAT Griffins reloading with some power this year, but will that translate to W’s in this schedule?

Can the MMU Girls beat the MMU Boys in their always-fun Saturday game at Little Fenway? Will the MLW All Stars perform under the pressure of bigger crowds and S-L-O-W-E-R pitching tossed at them by SB WIFFLE and Electric City?

The Lions Club Striders will face the Weekend Wifflers at Little Fenway Saturday afternoon in a game between two veteran playoff contenders while newbies Farrell Distributing and the Court Sessions Ballers will play at Little Wrigley between games against the likes of Hallam-ICS and the effervescent Hawkins Bay Yacht Club.

And what of newcomers Homeslices and the Dell Ave Devils? Rumors are that the former are quietly building a roster of pretty good players, while early reports from Hyde Park, Boston have the Devils still arguing over uniform colors. So, who knows!

We can’t wait to see how it all plays out! Let’s WIFFLE!