Smith, Raymond Families Race to SLAM T1D

Smith, Raymond Families Race to SLAM T1D

When Maddie Raymond was diagnosed with T1D in March, her cousin Matt Smith was embarking on his dream to race cars. He saw how the disease immediately changed the lives of Maddie and her family and decided he wanted to show his support somehow.


Matt and the CS Racing Team, including his dad Harlan and buddy Andrew Cimonetti, decided to forego the typical preseason search for sponsors and instead came to SLAMT1D with the idea of using their car to spread awareness about T1D.

“We knew it would be tough on our team financially, but that doesn’t compare to the burden Maddie and her folks are dealing with now,” said Harlan. “I’m proud of Matt and Andrew for their decision. We’ve already particpated in race parades and Kids Ride Night. And, Matt’s a darn good driver, too.”

Matt and the CS Team race on Thursday evenings at Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre, VT.

“It’s our first year racing in the stock division, and we’ll race hard and are excited to compete, but it makes it real special to support Maddie and spread awareness of T1D in front of thousands of spectators over the season.”

Matt, his crew and their SLAMT1D car will be at the 5th Annual Vermont Summer Classic WIFFLE Ball Tournament on June 26-27. Stop by to meet Matt, sit in the car and dream about driving in the Daytona 500!