SLAMDiabetes Sam Fuld Tampa Classic: Tournament Schedule Promises Intriguing Match-Ups

SLAMDiabetes Sam Fuld Tampa Classic: Tournament Schedule Promises Intriguing Match-Ups

The Official Schedule of the SLAMDiabetes Sam Fuld Tampa Classic WIFFLE Ball Tournament was announced earlier today. Twelve teams will begin their quest for the Championship Trophy, with Opening Games beginning at 9:00AM on Saturday, December 13, 2014.

1st Annual SLAMDiabetes Sam Fuld Tampa Classic
Saturday, December 13th

9:00 AM:        Whiffle Riders vs. Sea Critter Swatters                 Mini Fenway
Tampa Pelicans vs. Wiffle Wonders                       Fuld Field
Santa’s Sugar Crushers vs. Hooligans                   Little Yankee

10:00AM        Perfect Pitch vs. Sick of Pricks                                Mini Fenway
Gulf Coast Pirates vs. Fightin’ Fulds                      Fuld Field
Savage Bulldogs vs. Tampa Bay Rays                    Little Yankee

11:00 AM:      Opening Ceremonies                                                 Fuld Field
11:15 AM:       Home Run Derby                                                         Mini Fenway

12:00 PM:      Wiffle Wonders vs. Gulf Coast Pirates                   Mini Fenway
Hooligans vs. Savage Bulldogs                                Fuld Field
Sea Critter Swatters vs. Perfect Pitch                     Little Yankee

1:00 PM:        Fightin’ Fulds vs. Tampa Pelicans                           Mini Fenway
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Santa’s Sugar Crushers        Fuld Field
Sick of Pricks vs. Whiffle Riders                               Little Yankee

2:00 PM:       Wild Card Lottery
Mini Fenway
2:15 PM:        Quarter Finals Game 1 (8 v. 1)                                    Mini Fenway
Quarter Finals Game 2 (7 v. 2)                                    Little Yankee
3:15 PM:        Quarter Finals Game 3 (6 v. 3)                                    Mini Fenway
Quarter Finals Game 4 (5 v. 4)                                    Little Yankee
4:15 PM:         Semifinal (Q4 v. Q1)                                                      Mini Fenway
Semifinal (Q3 v. Q2)                                                      Little Yankee
5:15 PM:        Championship Game                                                    Fuld Field
6:30 PM:        Awards Presentation                                                     Fuld Field


Ybor Division               Hillsborough Division           Pinellas Division
Perfect Pitch                 Fightin’ Fulds                              Hooligans
Sea Critter Swatters    Gulf Coast Pirates                      Savage Bulldogs
Sick of Pricks                Tampa Pelicans                          Santa’s Sugar Crushers
Whiffle Riders               Wiffle Wonders                          Tampa Bay Rays