Grady’s Gang Ready To Repeat?

Grady’s Gang Ready To Repeat?

Can Grady’s Gang repeat as champions of the Vermont Summer Classic? An expanded field of more experienced teams have pundits wondering if Grady Cram and his team can do it.


Vegas Oddsmaker Vinnie Boombatz tracks SLAM tournaments and he thinks it’s going to be tough.

“This kid Cram, he’s a gamer, this kid. But, they got no depth on the bench, ya know what I’m sayin? I mean, what, the old guys Cram and Davis? Fuggedhabouddit. They were benched in the championship game last year, and they’re doin’ nuthin’ this offseason.

I, mean, one’s futzin’ with the teeth over here, the other guys doin’ this and that with some software thing. I dunno. I don’t see it happenin’. They might not even make the playoffs.”

Another line maker sees it a little differently. Frank “Trifecta Frankie” Gorgonzola says this:

“I go 7-1 to win. It’s long, but it ain’t 50-1. If the kid Fontana’s back strong, they make the playoffs. And he wins another Home Run Derby, no doubt about it. “

In two weeks, we’ll know if Grady’s Gang will rank with other repeat champions like the Yankees, Celtics, Steelers, Bolusers and Bay Sox (yeah, the last two are wiffle ball teams…come on, get up to speed)!