EHR Is Sponsor That Plays To Win

EHR Is Sponsor That Plays To Win

perfect-pitch-team-photoEHR Integration Services is a company that helps healthcare providers help their patients, and they’re great community supporters. That is, unless there’s a game to play: then it’s all about competing.

EHR is a Presenting Sponsor of SLAMDiabetes’ 2015 WIFFLE Ball season which covers all five wiffle ball tournaments this year. But the difference between EHR and others who might prefer to hang in the VIP tents, EHR comes to play.

“We’re in, and we’re in to win,” said company president Craig Luce in a recent interview. “We love what SLAMT1D does, and our Perfect Practice platform is utilized by numerous medical networks with T1D patients, but I need to be clear about one thing: our Perfect Pitch team is showing up to win at the end of June, and then defend it’s title in Tampa in December. Full stop.”

“We know what we’re up against with the likes of Grady’s Gang, the Green Monsters and the Wagoneers are getting buzz, but we’re confident. We’ve got a solid lineup, some young players have matured and we’re bringing in some new York imports, so we’re good to go. We better be.”

When asked what motivates his team, Craig’s response was immediate. “Fear. Team Manager Krista Jones will kick our butts if we don’t show up to win. She’s SLAM’s director for the Vermont tournament, but come game time, man, it’s all about Perfect Pitch. Heck, I sponsor the team, and she even made me try out for a spot on the roster!”

Win or lose, we’re glad EHR and Krista Jones are on our side!