Broadview Bombers Plan Aerial Assault for Rhode Island Classic

Broadview Bombers Plan Aerial Assault for Rhode Island Classic

The Broadview Bombers are going back to North Providence for another crack at the Rhode Island Classic title. Captain Mikey Pascento says the Bombers new game plan will put them at the winner’s podium this year.

resizedimage399266-Bombers-set-lineup2“We’re older, bigger, stronger, faster, and more serious. I mean, some of us are already taking PSATs, all of us have taken the baseball cards off our bikes, and I’m not naming names but one guy’s even started shaving. The extra power’s going to be big, because we’ve had enough of small ball, little hits here and there, this and that. Forget it. It’s all about yard, yard, yard. We’re going yard. “

Pascento’s sister Maggie has a different take. “They’re not going to win a thing until they change their uniforms. The uniforms have probably shrunk more than the players have grown!”

Nonetheless, Vegas sage and oddsmaker Vinny Boombatz sees the kids having a shot. “Word from New Milford is the kids are off the Captain Crunch and onto whey protein and juicing….vegetables, bananas, that kind of thing. I do expect to see more balls flyin’ outta the park with these guys. 5-2, maybe even 2-1 if the kid Franzese starts going longball.”

The Bombers’ have been practicing all summer and their fundraising goal of $4,000 is already getting dented… $700 already. Bigger and faster, or not, these kids from CT mean business!