20/20 and 30/30 Clubs Recognize Top Fundraisers

20/20 and 30/30 Clubs Recognize Top Fundraisers

Top fundraisers are announced at tournament Opening Ceremonies, but there’s another way we show our appreciation for them: it’s our 20/20 and 30/30 Clubs.

Members are awarded special-colored wristbands and socks they may wear throughout a tournament to indicate their awesome fundraising achievements. 20/20 Club members receive green wristbands, while 30/30 members are given yellow wristbands and matching socks. It’s subtle, but people notice and often offer a passing “Way to go!” or “Nice job!” along with a fist-bump or high-five.

Membership is awarded as follows:

20/20 Club: 20 donations of at least $20.

30/30 Club: 30 donations of at least $30.

Start now and you’ll be wearing those special wristbands and socks at your next tournament!