Episode 14: Your 20s are a hot mess. That was almost six years ago and I doubt much has changed.As for reading materials: Here's a little ditty on "male loneliness killing millions," here's one calling the whole deal "an epidemic," and maybe the No. Episode 40: What two skills should your kids leave the house with? Listen to The Blunder Years episodes free, on demand. I might hit up stuff about male friendships too, as that's clearly near and dear to my heart.I know 2020 has been a weird year for many. Episode 20: What are the pivotal moments in one's life? Duration:00:44:53. In a pandemic. It's the same self. The Michelle Obama Podcast Higher Ground & … Unlimited Access for 2 Years. Episode 69: How many times a week should couples be having sex? The Blunder Years, Episode 30: "How's the crazy?" I needed to pay more attention to what I was doing here, and I didn't, in part because my audience wasn't huge or anything. We were on the same dodgeball team. 5 episodes. 2/21/2017. Episode 28: A first-hand account of cancel culture, Episode 27: Cancer, taking on risk, faith, raising daughters, and ... getting paid, Episode 26: Socialism (Oh God! Welcome to, The Blunder Years -- a show where we can all relive our most embarrassing blunders. Here's a video of the ceremony, too. The sun shall rise again. Start with me at this present moment. • Shaun and Nick of the Blunder Years! ", Episode 31: Forgiveness as the essence of adulthood, Episode 30: "How's the crazy?" We go over some of our weirdest experiences while consuming consuming/filming porn, and finding a sexual identity in 2017 onward. Our fourth episode of the Blunder Years podcast, featuring gay porn star Shane Henderson. Enjoy the end of it. Before we get going with original conversational episodes about your life experiences from ages 25 to 45, this is a primer on what to expect from this podcast. Get the What Happened When Podcast The Blunder Years T-shirt in the official What Happened When Podcast store Now we're analyzing each other. Fours years ago or so I commented the GLOP podcast was so entertaining (to me) that the GLOP guys should consider increasing to two Podcast shows per month. Listen to all your favourite artists on any device for free or try the Premium trial. Work self? Episode 5: "The reality of life kicking in" (The Encouragement Engineer), Episode 4: From having a gun in your mouth to making $98,000/month, Episode 3: The evolution of the "system," no friends in your 30s, and not playing the victim, Episode 2: Miscarriages, motherhood, and sex in long-term relationships, Episode 1: David Wolinsky and "existential adriftness". Episode 35: Tone-deaf emails, Larry Nassar, and negative predictions, Episode 34: Japan vs. USA, motherhood, "need cuddles," and gender equality, Episode 33: Partisanship, Texas girls, religion, loss, relationships, and catching up, Bonus Episode: Laid off by someone you've never met or talked to before, Bonus Episode: How to know when layoffs (#piping) are coming for ya, Bonus Episode: The #Piping commences -- COVID-19 and layoffs, first-hand, Episode 32: "It wasn't all positive. Do your best. | The value of being a lazy bum, Episode 50: A loving shout-out to all the micro-creators who put good stuff into the universe every hour, Episode 49: Dealing with recruiters during the pandemic, in roughly 21.5 minutes, Episode 48: Sober friends vs. drunk friends, Episode 47: That first wedding you attend post-divorce | Reaction vs. response | Expectations | COVID as a near-death experience, Episode 46: "Is this your baseline level of being a dick? John reconnects with a female author who is in town for a book signing and with whom he had an awkward youthful romance which ended due to his lack of spontaneity and her impetuousness. Läs mer ... Vad är en podcast? I let my podcasting slip in November because a bunch of stuff kinda came together at once: I was doing more paid work (good), I turned 40 (jury's still out), I got remarried (good), I bought a house (good/jury's still out), etc. We go over some of our weirdest experiences while consuming alcohol. Episode 21: Working at Apple and ... the threat of nuclear war? Episode 18: On The Pill, Barcelona soccer, workplace tech, Instagram, and more, Episode 17: On listening vs. fixing in relationships, Episode 16: Gender (?) This weekend. ‎Show The Blunder Years, Ep Episode 57: The Etsy of Career Coaching - 24 jun 2020 Hosts Nick and Shaun share their most embarrassing anecdotes with guests, all tying into a topical theme. The episode sees Homer, after being hypnotized by the hypnotist Mesmerino while having dinner at the restaurant Pimento Grove, reminded by a repressed traumatic experience from his childhood. In a pandemic. Get 2 years You can cancel any time. Episode 29: 2003, we rode school buses together. Episode 76: Getting married. Switch browsers or download Spotify for your desktop. Episode 70: Rump Got Rona'ed and the dangers of Boomer loyalty. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. He is insightful on a myriad of topics and is literally the finest writer I have ever personally met. An examination of what happens to people between 25 and 45 or so: Marriage, kids, divorces, aging parents, career adjustments, new homes, and the like. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. I'm sitting in a coffee shop typing. Ted is a fascinating guy, easily the most verbose and articulate person I have ever met. Episode 65: The promise and the peril of turning 40 (+horrible conference call stories), Episode 64: The COVID return to school, old white guys on Facebook, Libertarians, and life decisions of your late 20s, Episode 63: Friends after you move, The Platinum Rule, Midwest vs. Everybody, sports, Amazon, and more, Episode 62: "Homeschooling before it was cool," weightlifting, kids in a pandemic, and keeping up with the Joneses, Episode 61: The experience of new fatherhood, during COVID no less, Episode 60: The future of recruiting, Miller Lite binges, dance moms, low ponies, and more, Episode 59: Definitions of diversity | Moving to Colorado | "The Note Police", Episode 58: Honesty as the "clarion call" of adulthood. "The Blunder Years" is the fifth episode of The Simpsons’ thirteenth season. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. https://bit.ly/2Jb8j9h Like, for real? Michael Palin has shared a hilarious blunder made by his friend David Attenborough. 274 – The Blunder Years by mixmastercereal | Posted on July 21, 2019 | Leave a comment Tonight, Matt and Robbie discuss Episode CABF21, The Blunder Years, the fifth episode of Season Thirteen. ), the education system, and "no one knows what they're doing", Episode 25: Self-reflection on struggling with drinking and Lent 2020, Episode 24: Anxiety ain't no gender issue (until it is), Episode 23: Sex robots, housing prices, people at Staples, and guys after 35. Episode 38: In which I briefly interview my girlfriend about Lent, Episode 37: A conversation with my pastor on faith, work, growth, Easter 2020, and more. Catch us live on 89.3 FM, 640 AM, the WTBU radio app, and BU channel 6. Episode 75: I'm a guy, and often feel lonely and depressed. ", Episode 45: "Did God fill that form out for you?" Greg goes WAY back to trace an erroneous thought. Episode 78: 18 or so minutes on the experience of getting married a second time. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. The Blunder Years. Episode 79: Coming back in January 2021 with a renewed focus, Episode 78: 18 or so minutes on the experience of getting married a second time, Episode 77: "You are not a genius" + The emotional toll of white-collar work. Nick and Shaun document their most embarrassing memories with a myriad of guests, with every episode featuring a theme. That should be OK to say, right? 90 likes. We go over some of our weirdest experiences while consuming consuming/filming porn, and finding a sexual identity in 2017 onward. For free. Your 40s? ... Heh peeps, For several years in college and seminary I was enamored with Ludwig Wittgenstein. "Dear John" The Blunder Years (TV Episode 1990) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 1 thing in this canon, a Boston Globe article about how loneliness is a bigger threat to dudes than obesity. I remember falling in the mud, but I don't think that's why I've been screaming.” Homer Simpson "The Blunder Years" is the fifth episode of Season 13 (originally going to be an episode of season twelve, but was pushed to season thirteen due to the events of 9/11). A weekly Comedy, Society and Culture podcast weekly Comedy, Society and Culture podcast Simpsons 13x05 - The Blunder Years Item Preview podcast_sunsetcast-the-simpsons_simpsons-13x05-the-blunder-y_1000429927477_itemimage.png . Episode 22: Personal self? Listen to The Blunder Years in full in the Spotify app. Podcast: What is the Greatest Philosophical Blunder in History? Play on Spotify Alcohol. But you know you need to keep going. Episode 55: From #BillsMafia to friendships and housing prices, Episode 54: Instagram, Fatherhood, Creativity, and Five-Year Plans, Episode 53: "Many people are outsiders through no fault of their own", Episode 52: The late 1990s, Marriott-driven Polish party scene + Silicon Valley accountability, Episode 51: How do you define yourself? The Blunder Years The Blunder Years. Episode 39: Why are we so bad at retaining info as adults? - TV & Film podcast from United States 01:11:16 - Still hankering for the Nintendo Switch, Nick and Shaun detail their sordid history with video games alongside Josh. Welcome back to POTD on Anchor ️ • The Blunder Years, today's podcast • Blunder Years - An intro • Blunder Years - Going into social media... • Social media...gotta love it • Blunder Years - Hittin' on a girl • Blunder Years - Hittin' on a girl, continued • Talkin' with the dudes! Team Pass. | Conspiracies | Drinking | Relationships, Episode 44: God, data, sports, advertising, and friends belittling and ranting at each other, Episode 43: Fixing education, middle school hoops, Houston vs. NYC, and male friendship in your 30s, Episode 42: The ability to be with one's self in a quiet room, Episode 41: Moving out of a house you've lived in since 1987. Episode 66: Is conventional college valuable anymore? Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Episode 56: Does every generation think the next one is going to ruin everything? Podcasts The Blunder Years, Episode 19: Your social life post-kids A discussion on having kids, raising kids, gender roles, AI, work skills, and where you find yourself when you least expect is. | Why aren't people paying attention? Bonus Episode: Is everyone self-promoting and being tone deaf now, or is that perception? Episode 13: The five people you spend the most time with, Episode 12: The inherent trade-off of adulthood, Episode 11: Work should not be everything for you, Episode 9: "I was consistently disappointed by leaders and managers I had", Episode 8: One minute of laughter vs. one minute of anger, Episode 7: Aging parents + "People are nuts" + 20-40-60 Rule. For a second time. Episode 74: Product is important, sure, but try to give a shit about people, Episode 73: Trump and the rise of the douchebags, Episode 72: Divorce sucks, but divorcing the friends is probably worse.